Friday, August 26, 2011


A blog I have been reading for a fair while now is Down--to--Earth, based out of Queensland, Australia.  This is an excellent blog about living simply and becoming self-sufficient.  She doesn't lie and say living simply is easy, there is often a lot of hard work involved, but it is fulfulling with many rewards. 

Yesterday, I was rereading her article on Making Bread for Beginners and I was inspired to try my hand at baking my own.  I did read this article while I was still living in Australia, but with the craziness of preparing for the move back to Canada I put it aside. 

Note to self, clean oven door before baking if you want to take photos

I didn't have all the ingredients that were listed and the flour I had on hand was whole wheat and regular white flour so I used those, not sure if it will turn out alright. 

My first loaf cooling
I've just taken it out of the oven and it smells and looks good, not too sure if it's cooked all the way through.

Not bad for first attempt, could have done with a few more mins in the oven, but still edible :)

Will find out shortly I suppose, kids are harassing me for a slice.  Fingers crossed.
Verdict love it :)  Will be making more in future.

Rhonda has many tutorials listed down the far right side of her blog from making fruit cordials to making liquid soap, so be sure to stop by to check them out along with her interesting and often inspiring blog posts.

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