Friday, March 11, 2011

Spotlight WAHM - Wallabygold Handmade Accessories

Today the spotlight is on our own business Wallabygold Handmade Accessories, as we didn't have any takers for this week.  

My sister and I first came up with the idea of making accessories back while I was still living in Australia.  We both wanted something that we enjoyed doing but would also help supplement our income.  I had hoped my daughter would be a perfect model for our hair accessories but to my dismay she rips the clips and headbands out of hair the minute anything touches it, although I have managed to get her wearing a pony tail.  With this in mind we have decided we need to expand our hair accessories to include hair elastics.  We have been in business now a little under 5 months and are still at the beginning stages really.

we currently stock hair clips, bands, mitt clips, tutu's and soother clips with other accessories to come, just awaiting full details on labeling on those items. 

 Please be sure to stop by our website or our facebook page to see our accessories.  We are dedicated to creating quality handmade accessories that you will love.  If you you would like to order from either of the sites just send us an email to and we will invoice you through paypal or if you prefer to pay with money order, email money transfer, etc.  let us know and we can arrange that to.  Also, don't forget to look for us on Twitter,

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