Friday, March 4, 2011

Spotlight WAHM - The Steady Hand

My name is Aprile. I am the hands behind The Steady Hand. I am a SAHM to my beautiful 2 year old daughter, Abby and I currently live in Fort Worth, TX with my Husband, Daughter and family dog – Scruffy.  All my work is done in my home in my specially made craft room that my husband put together for me.

I found that becoming a mother I wanted and needed to better myself. I wanted to give my daughter everything I never had and more. So out of that obsession I learned to crochet and sew reading from books, taking a couple classes and a lot of trial and error. I started with just making her hats and blankets before she was born to sewing her outfits as she started to learn to walk. I feel so lucky to be able to watch her grow and learn. She is my inspiration. Everything is so new to her that she puts everything she has into learning or figuring something out. I put that into my crochet and sewing. I try to make every piece just that perfect or that much better. I challenge myself to make sure that I am always learning something new too.

All my products are made by me in my craft room where no one else is allowed to go…although my daughter manages to sneak in here every now and then to wrap herself with some yarn. Being a thrifty mom as well, I buy most of my supplies on sale and/or with coupons that way I can pass my savings to other mom’s looking for affordable items. All the items I make are made with a lot of time, patience and love. If something does not come out the way I like it, I do it again and again until I am satisfied. So you can be sure whatever you buy from me is a high quality handcrafted item.

I make many different items from hats and scarves to toddler outfits and slippers. I like to constantly try new patterns and yarns always finding ways to better my craft.

You can find me blogging about my crafts and my life here:
My website where all my items are sold, everything is ready to ship now!

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