Monday, February 28, 2011

Labelling Laws Canada

My sister and I are looking into expanding our inventory to include items such as bibs, pencil cases, bags, etc. in the near future. I had done a bit of research in the past and had found out that we would be required to label most products. So, I started to dig a bit deeper and have now gotten myself completely confused. I came across the website below, which details a lot and from what I understand the following items are excluded from needing labels

"Textile Articles Exempt from the Labelling Requirements
The following list details examples of those consumer textile articles exempt from the labelling requirements of the Act and Regulations. Although these articles are exempt, if they are labelled, they must be labelled in a manner which is neither false or deceptive.

Consumer Textile Articles Not Prescribed by the Regulations

  • Articles intended for a one-time use only.
  • Overshoes, boots, shoes, indoor slippers, footwear liners and insoles.
  • Handbags, luggage, carrying cases, brushes.
  • Toys, ornaments, pictures, lamp shades, tapestries, wall hangings, wall coverings, room dividers, screens, book covers, book marks, gift wrap, flags and pennants .
  • Sports and games equipment other than sports garments.
  • Lawn and beach furniture, including lawn and beach umbrellas and parasols, and hammocks.
  • Playpens, crib-pens, strollers, jumpers, walkers and car seats for infants or children.
  • Labels, adhesive tapes and sheets, cleaning cloths, wipers, therapeutic devices and heating pads.
  • Pet accessories.
  • Belts, suspenders, arm bands, garters, sanitary belts and bandages.
  • Curler head covers, hair nets and shower caps.
  • Carpet underpadding.
  • Musical instruments and accessories.
  • Straw or felt headwear, padding or helmets worn in sports.
  • Non-fibrous materials that do not have a fabric support, including films and foams.
  • Household twine, string, craft ribbon not intended to be used in the construction of prescribed consumer textile articles, baler twine, binder twine and gift wrap ribbon.
  • Items which are exported, or sold to or by a duty-free store."
Competition Bureau - Textile Labelling: Glossary

Ontario also has different laws regarding stuffed and upholstered articles, I believe the main thing here is there needs to be a label on most stuffed items specifying that the material used to stuff the article is made from New Material.

If anyone knows these laws better, please comment below.  What i really want to know is what has to be on a label for say a bib, children's clothing and toys.  We are based in Ontario, if this helps at all.

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