Sunday, November 21, 2010

Starting Out

Hi!  My name is Angie, I am married with two beautiful children (Dylan 3, and Hailey 18mths).  We have spent the past 5 years in sunny North Queensland, Australia and this will be the first year our kids have seen snow.  I wanted to be closer to my family, seeing them once every few years was just not enough for me.  My sister, Nina is also married and has 2 boys,  1 & 4 years old. 

Now a little bit about Wallabygold Accessories.  Before moving back I had been brainstorming ideas on how to start up my own business, turns out my sister was thinking the same  thing.  We both love making crafts, so making accessories seemed like the natural thing to do.  We are dedicated to creating quality handmade accessories.  Currently in stock we have hair clips, bows, head bands, soother and mitt clips.  Head over to Wallabygold Accessories to see our complete selection.
I would like this blog to be more then just about our store, although I will do updates and announcements on Mondays regarding the store, the rest of the week I would like it relating to family life and what's going on in my life and/ or community.

Stay tuned for tomorrows blog for our Grand Opening Announcement.

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