Tuesday, November 23, 2010

All About Kids

I plan on making Tuesdays posts about kids, whether it be things to do/make with kids, parenting advice, my kids or interesting things I have found on the net regarding kids. 

This week I'll introduce you to my two rascals, who are , now as we speak, making an absolute mess of the lounge room. 


Dylan was born 8 weeks premature and spent the first 10 days of his life hooked up to a ventilator and the next couple of weeks hooked up to the CPAP machine.  It was a very traumatic time for us, in NICU we never had the same nurse twice, they all had different opinions on what you could or couldn't do with your baby.  Dylan was one of the bigger babies in the NICU at the time and thankfully we were able to take him home 4 weeks after his birth.  He doesn't have any major problems from his early birth, he was a little slower with speech, but has caught up now and sometimes can't shut him up, lol.  He is a typical little boy loves his cars, building castles and forts and other fun things.


Hailey's birth was completely the opposite, no problems, I was out of hospital within 8 hours of having her.  She was 6lbs 9oz (forgot to mention Dylan was 4lbs 4oz at birth), but within a few weeks she ballooned out and was such a chubby baby.  Between that and her red hair, no one could resist her.  She's evened out a lot now, though still has a bit of a belly and squishable legs.  The photo on the right was taken last week, Hailey loves the tutu I made for her.  It was my first attempt at making one.  I have since found a better supplier for tulle and perfected the art of making one and will soon have them for sale on our website.  Hailey loves her dolls and dressing up, but also loves playing roughly and teasing her brother :).

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